a complex system approach towards REsilient and CONNECTED vulnerable European communities in times of change

RECONNECTED is a response to multiple global developments that impact the daily life and wellbeing of European citizens. The project aims for a better understanding of how these developments influence the mental health of European citizens and offers digital solutions to nine vulnerable communities with the aim to protect their mental health.

RECONNECTED posits that all European citizens are affected by global developments such as climate change, digitalization, the war in Ukraine, and a changing population but in different ways dependent on their phase of life, personal characteristics, and social- and environmental circumstances. Therefore,  RECONNECTED takes a complex systems perspective by considering the complexity of mental health and the way it is impacted by risk and protective factors that interact at the individual, social, environmental and societal level. RECONNECTED digital intervention tools will be empowering and non-stigmatizing and target mental health literacy, psychological resilience, and social participation. Digital intervention tools will be offered to several vulnerable groups in Europe (youth, elderly, people with low SES, migrant population) and will be adapted to the local context. Citizens and other important stakeholders will be actively involved in the project and will work alongside project members.

the consortium

RECONNECTED is a consortium of 11 European partners that brings together knowledge from clinical and developmental psychology, environmental- and social psychiatry, e-mental health, and data science. The consortium will train young researchers to become experts in the field of community-based mental health with knowledge on how to protect mental health in times of change.